Interactive, Engaging Booths Key To Successful Home & Garden Show

By Allison Weckman, Senior Events & Marketing coordinator

Even though the Red River Valley Home & Garden Show has been around for 56 years, each year brings something new. A major focus when working with exhibitors to secure booth space for 2018 has been encouraging interactive booths. Consumers should feel welcomed into each booth and experience what exhibitors have to offer. The show, and each exhibitor, will be better off if consumers are engaged.

Home & Garden Show Committee Chair Rich Lahren says, “No matter what size your booth, there are steps you can take to make it feel more welcoming. For instance, don’t place tables across the front of your space. They create a barrier between you and your customer. Always stand in an area of your booth that invites people in through the side. Standing in the middle, or the main traffic area, can make it feel like you’re guarding the space. Always smile, do what you can to stay off your phone or mobile device, and say hello to people. Train your employees to do the same.”

BlackRidgeBANK 2017 Home & Garden Show
Verity Homes’ 2017 Home & Garden Show

Workshops have always been a great addition to the show. While gardening is a staple topic, the Home & Garden Show Committee is excited to also have workshops on Woodshop, a look at the trends of using reclaimed wood and pallets in home interiors; home brewing, which will pair nicely with the third annual Beer Walk featuring Fargo Brewing Company; and a first-time home buyer workshop that will include professionals from all aspects of the home-buying process. Those looking to make their first home purchase will hear tips from builders, Realtors, mortgage lenders, insurance agents, home inspectors and appraisers. The official show guide is also getting a face lift for 2018. The map layout will be enlarged and moved to the front inside cover. Logos and websites will also be added to all member listings and non-member listings can include the same for a fee. Returning this year will be the Lego Homebuilding Competition and Treasure Hunt for kids and the Beer Walk, sponsored by BlackRidgeBANK for adults. As of press time, the show is already 75 percent sold out and promises to be a great event!

Lego Homebuilding Competition 2017