Awards Season Comes To The HBA

Each fall the HBA of F-M awards three honors to its members: Builder and Associate of the Year Awards, and its “BEAM” Award.

HBA of F-M Chief Executive Officer Bryce Johnson says, “Please nominate a fellow member for one or all of these awards! We have such an incredibly humble group that many feel uncomfortable with awards. Take a minute to think about your fellow members and member volunteers that fit these criteria and shine with support of the Association, or are committed to supporting their fellow members.”

Access the nomination forms below:

Past Associate of the Year winner, Robin Swanson, Superior Insurance, says, “To those members who are nominated for Builder or Associate of the Year: don’t hesitate to fill out the application. It is a thorough application, and I know that we are all incredibly busy. Talking about ourselves innately makes us uncomfortable, but it was an honor to be nominated and it’s important to take the time to think about your involvement with the HBA and the community and put it on paper.”

Once nominees for Builder and Associate of the Year are determined, the HBA assigns “mentors” to assist in filling out the award application and to offer encouragement to nominees. Those past winners are there to help.

More about the awards:

  • Builder and Associate of the Year: these awards have been around since 1982 and are based on work expended in the interest of fellow members, the Association and the community within the past year (Aug. 1, 2016 – July 31, 2017). These members are judged on: member involvement and industry promotion, civic activity, professional accomplishments, local association activity, and state and national association activities.

Recipients of the Builder & Associate of the Year Awards will be chosen by a committee consisting of past winners, board members and HBA of F-M staff. The award will be presented at the Oct. 26 Awards Gala & Annual Meeting. Local winners go on to represent the HBA of F-M for consideration in the North Dakota Association of Builders’ Builder and Associate of the Year Awards selection in November.

  • BEAM Award: It stands for “Builders Engaging Associate Members,” and is meant to recognize Builder members who exemplify the motto “It’s good business to do business with a member.” Associate members nominate Builder members for this award. The HBA of F-M names a winner on the local level that advances to the state (North Dakota Association of Builders) level, and possibly to the national level with the National Association of Home Builders.

The Builder member nominees will be evaluated on loyalty, ethics, trust, communication and consideration. Two Builder members who receive the most nominations will be notified and asked to submit their list of suppliers/trade contractors. HBA of F-M staff will compare those lists, and send common companies the Builder evaluation form. A committee of past HBA of F-M Associates of the Year reviews the evaluations and chooses a winner.