Nov 8: Vote Yes For Fair Diversion Funding

Your yes vote on Cass County measure 1 and City of Fargo measure 1 provides permanent flood protection for the people, communities and businesses of our region. By voting to extend sales taxes we’re already paying, we secure long-term financing for the Metro Flood Diversion Project. It is the fairest, most sensible way to fund it:

  • Sales taxes will stay at the current level they are today
  • Includes future generations who will benefit most from the diversion
  • Eliminates the need for flood related property taxes and special assessments
  • Avoids costly flood insurance increases
  • If the project is paid for before 2084 the tax will expire.

How is the project being paid for?

The $2.2 billion diversion project is being funded by federal, state and local funds, including over $1 billion in federal and state grants. The sales tax extensions cover our local share and can only be used for the diversion project and related flood control. The measures extend the sales taxes beginning in 2029 through 2084, spreading the cost to future generations who will benefit from it. If the project is paid for before 2084, as current forecasts indicate, the taxes must be allowed to expire and can’t be used for anything else.

What happens if we don’t vote yes?

Our metro area is prone to flooding. The longer we delay, the more cost and risk we take on tomorrow. Federal and state grants may no longer be available. The project cost will likely increase due to inflation. Flood fighting activities would continue. People, property and businesses would still be subject to catastrophic flooding and all the devastation and disruption that come with it. And financial planners will have to go back to the drawing board – with no better alternatives.

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Now is not the time to pause on the Metro Flood Diversion Project. Without its protection, 18,000 home owners in Fargo-Moorhead will see incredibly high increases in flood insurance premiums in as little as four years.  Home Builders Association of F-M supports the diversion and we encourage those residents who support the project to talk about it to others and vote Yes! Each of our communities rely on one another. Many people who work in Fargo, live in Moorhead, West Fargo or Dilworth, and vice versa.

The diversion doesn’t only protect Fargo, it ensures economic vitality for our entire metro area and everyone who lives and works here.