Affiliate Versus Associate Membership: What’s The Difference?

You may have heard about the HBA of F-M’s Affiliate membership, not to be confused with an Associate membership.

Here’s a breakdown of what each is, including a visual representation:


Associate Member:

  • The company is a member of the Association. The HBA of F-M has two member types, Associate and Builder members. Associate members are related to the homebuilding industry, but do not actually build or remodel homes.
  • Each Associate member of the HBA has a primary contact. This is the Association’s point of contact. In addition, this primary contact also can take advantage of discounts through the National Association of Home Builders and the North Dakota Association of Builders. With an Associate membership, any employee of the member company can attend events, take advantage of education courses, etc. All employees, besides the primary contact, are considered dependents of the member company. However, dependents are not able to take advantage of discounts through the National Association of Home Builders and North Dakota Association of Builders. They do not receive direct communication from the HBA.
  • Dues are $550/year.

Affiliate Member:

  • If a dependent of a member company wants to take advantage of communication from the HBA or discounts from NAHB or NDAB, that employee must become an Affiliate Member. An Affiliate membership covers only that single employee.
  • Dues are $50/year.

Who does an Affiliate membership benefit?

Affiliate memberships are good for:

  • A member company has multiple locations; having employees at multiple branches signed up as Affiliate members ensures that each of your locations is listed in the Membership Directory & Consumer Guide.
  • An employee would like to take advantage of discounts offered through NAHB or NDAB, for example, the General Motors discount. In order to take advantage of the GM discount you need a PIN from NAHB.
  • Only primary contacts and Affiliate members receive a PIN from NAHB.
  • An employee would like to stay up-to-date with happenings at the HBA including events, public issues, education courses, etc. Signing up as an Affiliate member would allow the employee to receive direct communication from the HBA.

For more information about Affiliate memberships or to sign up, contact Sami Eidenschink at (701) 232-5846.